Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Diversity Fusion?

We live in a global community.

Thanks to technology, we can read and learn about people and events in far away places within the blink of a second.

But we do not behave as a global community.

For most, loyalties are narrow.  Nationalism still reigns supreme.  On major worldwide issues -- from global warming to nuclear proliferation -- our views rarely extend beyond the prevailing opinions expressed inside our country's physical borders.

We remain dependent, consciously or subconsciously, on national leaders and media personalities for guidance on these issues.    Our opinions are limited.  Limited by a narrow national scope.

We have the ability to perceive more, understand deeper, and comprehend greater.

Why not reach out to our brothers and sisters living in other parts of the world?

On issues of the world, why not listen to each other without the filters of national political and media agendas?

Why not use technology as the gift that it is?

Which brings us to this blog, DiversityFusion.

Diversity, as a political definition, refers to people of different backgrounds.

As a political policy, diversity reflects a tolerance for individuals of different background.

This is not enough.

Fusion embraces the merging of different elements into a new union, a new whole.

DiversityFusion is the merging of people's opinions from different ethnic, cultural, religious, and regional backgrounds into new and unique perspectives on world affairs. 

This blog hopes to help address that need.

We may not always agree, but we can share.

In sharing, may a new fusion emerge.

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diversityreport said...

Good luck to you on your blog on this important and difficult topic.